Splendour In The Grass 2010, Day 2: Sat 31 July

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Splendour 2010 timesToday was a slow start. Slept in and then decided to head into Woodford for more supplies and to get some more juice in the camper battery.  We got caught in some serious traffic on the way back, so unfortunately missed Jonathan Boulet, Band of Skulls and Two Door Cinema Club.  I wasn’t too stressed about Boulet or Skulls, but was quite bummed to miss Two Door Cinema Club.

Operator Please (Sat 31 July 4:45pm- Amphitheatre)

First cab off the rank today was Operator Please.  Last time we saw them, they opened main stage at Splendour 2007. It took a bit for Wifey to convince me to be bothered going and seeing them so early, but it was worth it and they were great.

Today’s experience was a little different (they were still great).  When we saw them 3 years ago, there were probably no more than a few thousand people watching them, and we were pretty close up (which is always the best way to see a band).  Today we sat on the hill in the same spot we were the night before, and watched from afar.  Those kids has all grow’d up!

Fabbo set, and the singer blows my mind at how damn good she is.  The drummer is amazing too.  Actually, the whole damn band are great.  My brother-in-law did some recording with them some time ago and told me to watch out for the bass player.  Fucking GOLD. This guy has the most polished look I’ve seen since KISS.  Awesome.

Their remix of the Ping Pong song was cool too- I guess when you’ve played a song a billion times you need to mix it up a bit so you don’t get sick of it.

Magic Numbers (Sat 31 July 5:30pm- G. W. McLennan Tent)

Next up on the agenda for day 2 was The Magic Numbers…

Fat Freddy’s Drop (Sat 31 July 7:15pm- Mix Up tent)

I’d heard bits n pieces of these guys in the lead up to Splendour, and liked what I heard. When I heard them live, I fucking loved it. This was some of the best dance music I’ve ever heard.

Clusterfuck waiting to happen

One of the bigger timetable clashes of the weekend was now. And a real pisser. In a similar situation of the Yeasayer/Foals/Alberta Cross issue yesterday, we now had the issue of Paul Kelly / Florence & The Machine / Band of Horses & The Strokes…. between two different stages and with overlapping times.

With the distance between the McLennan stage and the Amphitheatre, it was going to be a mission, and it was going to be tough.  We decided on a plan, and it was thus: see most of Paul Kelly at The McLennan tent, then run up to the Amphitheatre for a fair bit of Florence and her Machine, then back to the McLennan tent for all of Band of Horses.  After that, we’d mosey up to the Amphitheatre to catch the end of The Strokes.  Our rationale was that Paul Kelly was fabulous at Splendour 07 & Band of Horses were amazing at Splendour 08, so we had to see them.  On the other hand, Florence was on high rotation on the stereo at home, and we missed her last Australian tour….. and we’d never seen The Strokes.  So this is how it happened….

Paul Kelly (Sat 31 July 8:30pm- G.W. McLennan Tent)

Paul Kelly, was, as always, brilliant.  All the hits were there and it was all killer, no filler.

We sat on the hill beside the stage and had a great view down over that stage, as well as across to the Mix Up tent.  Sometimes the sound from Mix Up wafted over, but for the most part, the sound was great.

After around 20 minutes, Werner (one of our crew) decided he’d do the mission up to the Amphitheatre for Florence.  We figured we’d follow a bit later.  Truth be told, I was pretty wrecked and quite happy sitting on the hill.  Not too long after that, we got a text from Wade saying that the Amphitheatre had been locked down and no-one could get in.  Apparently most of the 32000 other Splendourites had decided that Florence was the gig to be at.

Decision made- we’d stay at for the rest of Paul Kelly and stay there for Band of Horses.

There was a bit of a hooha later that night as people were saying that the Splendour organisers should have planned the Florence clusterfuck a little better.  To be fair to the organisers, The Ting Tings were meant to be playing the Mix Up stage at that point, which would have eased the crowd at Florence. I for one, would have been at the Ting Tings, and I know a few of our friends who were of the same opinion.  As it happened, The Ting Tings cancelled shortly before the festival, and were replaced with Art Vs Science.  Although Art Vs Science certainly do have a sizeable fan base, the Mix Up tent wasn’t as packed as it would have been if the Ting Tings had played (we could see the Mix Up from the hill).

After Paul Kelly finished, it was damned pleasant just sitting on the hill watching everyone move betwen the stages.

View from the McLennan hill to Mix Up between Paul Kelly and Band of Horses

View from the McLennan hill to Mix Up between Paul Kelly and Band of Horses

As it happened, Werner did manage to get up to Florence in time and saw most of her show. He then bolted back down the McLennan and made it with plenty of time for Band of Horses. Wade managed to eventually get through the barricade (seems Werner beat him by a few minutes to get through in time) to see the end of Florence and then back to BoH.

Band of Horses (Sat 31 July 10:00pm- G.W. McLennan Tent)

Band of Horses blew my mind at Splendour 08, and I was pretty pumped to be seeing them again.
The opened with Factory from the new album Infinite Arms. Sounded great. Ben Bridwell got a few laughs talking about his experiences with a Kangaroo backstage. I thought he went a bit too far, and was glad when they then launched into Cigarettes, Wedding Bands. The set was full of the songs I was looking forward to hearing, with the exception of Wicked Gil. But you can’t have everything, right?

After Cigarettes, they launched into The Great Salt Lake and then Is There A Ghost? The rest of the set was: NW Apt, Weed Party, Islands On The Coast, Laredo, The General Specific, No One’s Gonna Love You & The Funeral. When they started Ode to LRC, I was sure it’d be the closer. The sound of all those people singing ‘The world is such a wonderful place’ was pretty damn fine. After LRC, they played a song I didn’t know, called Am I A Good Man, which I found out later was a cover by Them Two.

By the end of Band of Horses, I was pretty shagged and didn’t feel like trundling up the hill to see The Strokes, so we headed back to camp and had a few (too many) drinks.
All in all, day 2 was as I had expected it to be: awesome.

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