Splendour In The Grass 2010, Day 3: Sun 1 Aug

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Day 3.  Tired now.  Took a while to get out of bed due to the excesses of the previous night, but, as they say in the classics…. ONWARD…………..

Splendour 2010 playing times

Miike Snow (Sun 1 Aug 2pm- Mix Up)

First one for today was Miike Snow. I really didn’t know what to expect for these guys. The song Animal had been played pretty ferociously on Triple J, and we’d given the album a listen on the drive from Melbourne. I’d liked it a lot, but it hadn’t struck me immediately as a ‘must have’ album.
The show was totally different though- heaps more energy than the album and it was the pure clean pop sound that I love. Had me hooked right from the first song. They closed with Animal, which brought the house down.
After they’d done their thing, we headed back to camp for a spot of lunch and some more drinks. I needed to prepare for one of my most anticipated shows of the weekend…

Fanfarlo (Sun 1 Aug 4pm- G.W. McLennan Tent)

When I got to the McLennan tent, there were not a lot of people at all. These guys hadn’t had too much radio play, although I’m a Pilot did get some spins on Triple J. We Are Scientists and Ash were playing the Amphitheatre and Space Invadas were at Mix Up, so I guess they had some pretty tough competition.

Being that there weren’t too many people around, we decided to have a seat on the hill and have a drink while we waited for them to come on.

View from a hill. Taken from the same spot as before Band of Horses the night before. This time waiting for Fanfarlo

McLennan tent slowly filling for Fanfarlo

Having a small crowd meant that I could get right up the front and move around a bit which was sensational. I went a bit camera happy during their set, and also got some great video.
I loved the way the band were so diverse in their talents, with instrument swapping the theme of the set. Bloody good stuff.
By around the middle of the set, the McLennan tent had filled considerably and there were quite a few people singing along and cheeering. Guessing they must have been at We Are Scientists and then came down for the end of these chaps.

We ended up having quite a break after Fanfarlo. A lot of us were feeling pretty worse for wear after 3 days solid days of excess, so a bit of a relax back at camp was well and truly deserved.

Jonsi (Sun 1 Aug 7:15pm- Mix Up)

I’ve been a fan of Sigur Ros for some time, so was pretty keen to see Jonsi. I’d given the album a good listen, and quite liked the dance/pop feel that went under his etheral sounding vocals so well. Quite a different style of music to Sigur Ros.
We only managed to see 3 or 4 songs before we decided to head up to the Amphitheatre for Passion Pit.

I actually wanted to see Jonsi over Passion Pit, but after last night’s stage closure for Florence, we were a bit concerned the same thing might happen for Mumford & Sons. It seemed prudent to try and get the bost of both worlds, so we saw 20 minutes or so of Jonsi, and then headed up to the Amphitheatre.
Seemed we weren’t the only ones.

We weren't the only ones rushing to the Amphitheatre

Passion Pit (Sun 1 Aug 7:45pm- Amphitheatre)

Like I said, I wasn’t too pumped for Passion Pit, but they were actually damned good.

Mumford & Sons (Sun 1 Aug 9:15pm- Amphitheatre)

Mumford & Sons are the IT band in Australia at the moment. Seems they are in a lot of other places too. Personally, I think they’re ok, but not worth the hype.
As an aside, one thing I love about festivals is the opportunity to see bands you normally wouldn’t. And especially the bands that are hugely popular. There’s something quite lovely about seeing a band that so many others are really in to.

Having said that, the Mumford live show was impressive. Extremely tight, and very gracious for such a warm welcome. They played a few songs not on the album, whcih went down a treat. There were a couple of songs from the album that I was looking forward to hearing but they didn’t play them.

Little Lion Man, was, of course, hugely anticipated by the crowd and extremely well recieved.

At this point, we’d made the decision to stay at the Amphitheatre to see The Pixies. I’m not an Empire of The Sun fan, but I’d heard they do a pretty awesome live show. It was tempting to join the crew of friends heading down to Mix Up for them. I did actually want to see Richard Ashcroft at McLennan as well. Seeing some of the old Verve songs live would certainly have been great. The Urban Hymns album got played into oblivion at a share house in Spring Hill many years ago.
As it happened, I’m glad we didn’t see Ashcroft as he stormed off stage after only a couple of songs.
So, we decided to stay for the Pixies. For the closing of a 3 day festival, one surely had to be at main stage?

Pixies (Sun 1 Aug 10:45pm- Amphitheatre)

Now, this was to be the third time we’d seen the Pixies in as many years. When we first saw them at V Festival in 2007, they were simply amazing. They were obviously excited to be there and they were so tight. When we saw them again at the beginning of this year on the Doolittle tour, they were indeed good, but not the same energy as a V Fest.
For tonight, I was hoping for more of a V Festival vibe, and I was sure I was going to get it. A ‘best of’ set was assured, and I was hoping for that festival energy.
I was sorely disappointed. To me, this seemed like they were there simply to get the cheque and go. There was little of no banter with the audience, and they seemed quite bored to be there. Kim Deal didn’t appear at all on the screens, which was odd. All in all, The Pixies were probably my biggest disappointment of the whole festival. I know I bagged Ben Harper on day 1, but on reflection, fans loved what he did. I didn’t love it, because I’m not a Ben Harper fan. I am however, a Pixies fan, and this show was, in a word, shit.

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