Shihad @ Northcote Social Club, Melbourne (14 Aug 2010)

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Shihad are, without doubt, the tightest band in the universe.

I’d been looking forward to this gig for a while now. When The General Electric was released in 1999, I was living in a share house in Paddington in Brisbane with two of my mates (both were my best men when I got married 10 years later).

The album was played on repeat in the house for months on end. When it was announced that they’d be touring it 11 years later, I was in a little bit of heaven. Wife was on the case and tickets 1-4 were purchased as soon as they went on sale.

Ticket #1 !!!!

It’s not often you go to a show knowing exactly what the setlist will be.  The questions of whether they’ll play ‘My Song’, and ‘I wonder what they’ll close with?’ are non-existent at this show.

Apart from the encore, everyone knew what they were getting tonight.


The show began with a bit of atmospheric Massive Attack as the lights went down, and then into “Intro” as the band came on stage…

My Mind’s Sedate

OK. So it’s loud tonight.  And when I say loud, I mean REALLY FUCKING LOUD.

Super tight and super awesome, My Mind’s Sedate was brilliant.  Jon did some great crowd surfing (which I’m bummed I didn’t get on video) and the crowd went positively nuts.

The General Electric

Wait And See


Thin White Line

Only Time

Just Like Everybody Else

Sport And Religion


The Metal Song

Life In Cars

Brightest Star

Encore: Interconnector

For the encores, most of the room was calling for Home Again. One New Zealander grabbed the mic and yelled into it that they should play it “for all the homesick Kiwi’s.”
They came back out, and rolled into Interconnector.

Encore: La La Land

Short and sweet- only 2 songs for the encore…. In the video below, when Jon’s saying no and talking about being positive, he’s responding to the Home Again requests.

All in all bloody great night and looking forward to seeing them again at The Corner in November. An unexpected overseas trip has popped up and I get back the day after the Ignite show at the Corner, so will have to wait for the next tour to see the ‘had again….

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went to this 13 years ago