Paul Dempsey @ Corner Hotel, Melbourne (Fri 8 Oct 2010)

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The last time I saw Paul Dempsey play was at Splendour 2009. That was a great show and I’d only heard bits of the Everything Is True album at that stage. This show was different in that I now knew the album quite well, and it was solo acoustic (he played with his band at Splendour).  I’d seen him do solo acoustic stuff years prior in Brisbane, but that had mainly been Something For Kate material.

I’d also not been to The Corner in a few years, so it was nice heading back there again. Gotta love that beer garden.

He opened with Out The Airlock, which was a bit of a surprise.  The sound was great and the audience were immediately appreciative.  The set covered the best of the album as well as couple of newer songs (We’ll Never Work in This Town Again was a standout) as well as few old Something For Kate numbers.

Paul Dempsey- The Corner Hotel- Friday 8 October 2010He seemed genuinely happy to be back in Melbourne after touring through America, and was extremely relaxed and hilarious.  At one stage an audience member yelled for him to dance, to which he responded by comparing a 6’6″ man dancing to a giraffe being born.  Funny man.

He also made a very big point of saying that Something For Kate were still very much a going concern and that they’d be back with a new album quite soon.  And with that, closed with a fantastic version of Beautiful Sharks.

Some video below….

Out The Airlock


Ramona Was A Waitress

Time To Pretend

Beautiful Sharks

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