Far Out Corporation @ The Zoo, Brisbane (Fri 10 Sep 1999)

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I was pretty interested to see Far Out Corporation (from this point forth I shall refer to them as FoC as I couldn’t be arsed typing it all the time), as I was a fan of both Powderfinger and The Go Betweens. My band had also playing with the ‘finger a few times years prior. I was also keen to see Nick Earls do some spoken word. I was in 2nd year of a B.Ed, and as anyone studying anything to do with writing, in even it’s mildest form, in Brisbane, had to read Zig-Zag Street*.

I went with my friend Ally, and by halfway through Saturn South, we’d decided to get extremely drunk. One of the great things about The Zoo, apart from the great sound, is the Sangria. And we drank A LOT of it.

It was one of those shows where everyone sits down. To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about those sorts of shows, but it seemed to work here. We managed to stake out a spot right up front.

Saturn South are bloody unreal- I don’t remember a lot of that particular show but I’ve seen them shitoads, and every show is a winner. James, the drummer, is a good mate of mine, and I really think that they’re one of those bands that are greater than the sum of their parts.

Nick Earls was up next, and by this stage the Sangria was really hitting the spot. So what did we decide to do? Buy a bottle of champagne, that’s what.

I remember Nick Earls being very good and extremely entertaining.

By the time Mr Earls was finished, I was in desperate need to pee. Now, it didn’t occur to me that:
a) I was hammered
b) I had been sitting in the same position for about 2 hours
c) I was actually sitting on my left leg.

So, as I stood up, my left leg was actually rendered utterly useless. It was more asleep than a grizzly bear in the dead of winter.

Needless to say I fell over in spectacular fashion (at this point, please do rememeber that we were RIGHT AT THE FRONT). I sort of walk/slid (imagine Igor if you will) to the bathroom and completed my business.

From there, I remember nothing. And that’s not due to time, as I didn’t remember the rest of that night when I woke the next morning. Word on the street was that FoC were brilliant, but unfortunatly, I can neither confirm nor deny.

* I shit you not. This may have been the same in other states- I have no idea. But I dont know ANYONE who went to uni in Brisbane in the 90’s who didn’t have to read it. This is not a bad thing, as it’s one of the funniest books you’ll ever read. Actually, all of Nick Earls’ book are- go read one if you haven’t

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went to this 24 years ago