Gorillaz @ Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne (Sat 11 Dec 2010)

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This show was an unknown for me- I’d not seen Gorillaz live before and wasn’t a massive fan. Don’t get me wrong- I like them, but had only ever listened to the music in passing. I am, however, a Blur fan, which was one of the reasons I decided to go. I’d also heard the live show was something to see.

This was my second outing to Rod Laver Arena, and although we were closer to the stage than for Powderfinger the last time, we suffered a bit aurally during De La Soul. The band was mixed in hard stereo, so the guy on stage right was (presumably) audible to the audience on the right, but to us, just sounded like a dull warble at the bottom of a large water tank. The guy on the left, however, was extremely clear, and (presumably), a dull warble to those on the right.

As far as warm-up bands go- De La Soul were fantastic. They got the crowd pumped and even though most people knew none of their material (except for Ring Ring Ring of course), the energy on stage was nothing short of frenetic energy. Brilliant stuff.

Gorillaz were great- for most of the show Damon Albarn was like an ADD kid on speed. Jumping around and hurtling himself at whatever looked like it could be hurtled at. They played all the hits, and then some. All in all a fabulous show- and the sound was much better (from our seats anyway).

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