The National @ Palais Theatre, Melbourne (Sun 9 Jan 2011)

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That was one of the most amazing shows I have seen.

An incredible set was played tonight with a fantastic mix of old and new.

I love The Palais as a venue, and we’ve seen a few things there, but tonight I just wish we were somewhere else.  In case you’re not aware, The Palais is a fully seated venue, and standing is absolutely not permitted, nor is drinking in the auditorium itself (there’s a bar in the foyer).

Tonight I really wanted to get up and dance. By the end of Mistaken For Strangers, it was evident I wasn’t the only one, so Matt told everyone to stand up if they wanted to.  Of course, we all did, and then the night was much better.

Also due to the Palais’ strict security, I couldn’t get that many pics, and almost no video.  At the end, when Matt went into the crowd, the security had more to deal with than telling people to put their cameras away, so that’s when they all came out.

Cannot wait to see these guys again.

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went to this 13 years ago