Morrissey @ Festival Hall, Melbourne (Wed 19 Dec 2012)

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Morrissey Setlist Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia 2012

Quite possibly one of the best, if not THE best show of 2012 for me. I really wasn’t sure what to expect for this gig. Would it be all solo songs and no Smiths? Would any Smiths songs be played at all?

I’ll freely admit that although I’m a big Morrissey fan, I’m in the camp of a slight preference for The Smiths. When the band came out and opened with Shoplifters Of The World Unite, I knew this was going to be a killer show.

Morrissey @ Festival Hall, Melbourne (Wed 19 Dec 2012)Wifey turned to me after that song was done and said this was the first gig in ages that she’d gotten goose-bumps. I completely agreed. It was magical to see someone play who you’ve been a fan of for so long. Not dissimilar to the first time I saw David Byrne. There are two bands in the world that I would travel to any part of the planet to see a reformation gig- those being Talking Heads and The Smiths.

The set (as you can see over there) covered a lot of Morrissey’s solo career, with a good amount of Smiths tunes thrown in. There were some omissions that would have been spectacular to hear live (Bigmouth Strikes Again, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out, Ask, This Charming Man…. the list could go on forever) , but you can’t have everything. I was over the moon to hear the songs that were played. You Have Killed Me and You’re The One For Me Fatty are probably my favourite Morrissey solo tracks- so as you can see from the setlist, I was in heaven at this point. The crowd went completely apeshit for How Soon Is Now, and I caught some of it on video below.

Meat Is Murder was a highlight as well, although the imagery shown throughout on the screens was a little more than confronting, with my wife and I seriously considering going back to vegetarianism after it.

There were a few costume changes through the show, with the last having him dressed in a Union Jack for the encore. A fan managed to jump on stage for a hug and kiss, so Morrissey gave her the flag that he was wrapped in.

I had actually seen Morrissey about a decade ago at The Livid Festival in Brisbane. I remember nothing of the gig, as I had had far too much to drink by the time he was on. I was actually a total dick that day (as Wifey can attest to as she was the one who had to deal with me and get me home at the end of the night). I’ve been kicking myself for 10 years about that show, so I’m so glad I got to rectify the situation and see a Morrissey show that I’ll actually remember.

Pics and video below…

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