Fun. @ Palace Theatre, Melbourne (Tue 5 Mar 2013)

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When the Future Music Festival was announced earlier in the year, I was supremely bummed that The Stone Roses, as well as fun were on the bill- no one else on the lineup even remotely excited me, and these were two bands I really wanted to see. As it turned out, they both announced sideshows. The Stone Roses show is in a couple of nights, and by the magic of my time machine, you can read about that here.

The Palace said on their website that fun would be taking the stage at 10pm. We met up with our friends, had some dinner and got to the venue at around 9:50 to find the band already on stage. As far as we could tell we’d arrived for the first song, but a bummer to miss them going on stage nonetheless.

Fun are a band that I’ve really only gotten into in the last 6 months or so. When they were announced for Splendour In The Grass last year, I got hold of the Some Nights album and listened to it pretty much constantly for weeks. An absolute cracker of an album. Their Splendour set was awesome, and tonight was no different.

It was sometimes difficult to tell throughout the set what was real and what was contrived rhetoric, but the crowd lapped it up, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.

A great show in a big week of gigs (Sodastream, Nick Cave, Stone Roses, George Clinton and this all within a week) and one that I’m definitely glad I went to. It’ll be interesting to see how this band go with future releases and touring, but personally I’m hoping they stick around for a while.

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went to this 11 years ago