Sodastream @ Northcote Social Club, Melbourne (Sun 3 Mar 2013)

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Like everyone else at The Northcote Social Club tonight, it’d been at least 6 years since I’d seen Sodastream live. We’d hoped to make it to last night’s show, but the ease of getting a cab from Nick Cave in time was somewhat overestimated.

Sodastream is a band I’ve seen countless times, as I used to do a fair bit of work with them from around 2003-2007, and I was pretty excited about seeing them again tonight.

You know how certain albums really remind you of a time in your life? A Minor Revival by Sodastream is one of those albums for me. I was in my early twenties, living alone in a two bedroom flat in Auchenflower, in Brisbane’s inner west. I got a call from my business partner in Melbourne wondering if I’d be interested in touring a band called Sodastream. The CD got sent up and I immediately fell in love with it. We ended up doing a bunch of tours together over the years and Pete and Karl became very good friends of mine.

When Pete told me they were getting back together for a couple of shows, I was stoked.

Sodastream at Northcote Social clubThe set tonight crossed all of their previous releases, with a new song or two added as well. As is tradition with Sodastream, a cover was played, and tonight it was Never Tear Us Apart by INXS that got the treatment. It sounded excellent.

If you don’t know any Sodastream music, go and find some- they really are awesome. I just hope that these two shows aren’t a one-off, and that there’ll be more to come in the very near future, and that those new songs will find their way onto a new album sooner rather than later.

I tried to keep note of the set, so this is it. Anything with a question mark is either a new song, or an old one that I don’t know.

Heaven On The Ground
Lushington Hall
Let It All Turn Black
new song – Little by little?
Fresh One
Wedding Day
New song I think?
Christmas song
Heaven on the Ground
Otherwise Open
keep it down?
Never Tear Us Apart (INXS cover)

Colouring Iris
Charity Board
Constant Ships

Sodastream at Northcote Social club

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went to this 11 years ago