Yeasayer @ Billboard, Melbourne (Thu 10 Feb 2011)

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And once again, trigger fingers gets ticket #1.

This was my first visit to Billboard, and upon entering, I was pleasantly surprised. A good sized place and you could see the stage from pretty much anywhere in the room.

We only caught the end of the support act, Ghoul, but they were pretty good. The sound wasn’t great, and I think they’d sound a lot better with a fuller mix. The guitar couldn’t be heard at all, and there were moments where I really felt that would have pushed the set up to the next level- a pretty thin mix, which didn’t really seem to suit their sound.

Next up was obviously Yeasayer.  The last time we saw them was at Splendour 2010, and they were one of our highlights of the whole weekend. O.N.E. is one of ‘our’ songs, if I can say that without sounding like a tosser.  Whenever that comes on the radio, the wife and I dance. Doesn’t matter if we’re in the middle of cooking dinner or driving to work, or even in the middle of an argument.  Surprisingly, O.N.E. was second in the set.  I was expecting it as either last or in the encore.

Obviously O.N.E., Ambling Alp & Madder Red were the biggest crowd favourites.  Surprising again was that both Ambling Alp & Madder Red were both in the main set as well (with the former being the set closer), so when it came time for the encore, they’d done all the ‘hits’.  They came back on and did Strange Reunions and 2080 (fuck that’s a good song) from All Hour Cymbals, and then that was that.

It was an early show and it felt quite odd to be out of the venue by 10pm and home by 10:30.  It was a school night, and much appreciated I’m sure by those who had to work the next day.

We’re hoping to see Yeasayer again in San Francisco when we’re over there in May.  Hoping our itinerary and theirs can intertwine a little……



O.N.E. / Rome

Wait For The Summer

Madder Red

Ambling Alp

Strange Reunions



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went to this 12 years ago