Meredith Music Festival @ Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre, Meredith (Fri 11 Dec – Sun 13 Dec 2015)

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It was always going to be touch and go as to whether I’d make it to this years Meredith Music Festival.

There wasn’t that much on the bill that excited me, and it would be my first time away from my son overnight.  My wife was very supportive and encouraged me to go, so I figured Why The Hell Not.  So I went.

Holy Fuck what a weekend.

I basically got the last year of non-party and jammed it up my nose over 3 days. I remember little of the weekend, and the come-down was fucking horrific. For both my wife, and my psychologist more than anyone else.

I did however have a fabulously great time with my friends. Made a few more as well. Hung out with a terrific bloke called Tom for most of the weekend. He’s an air traffic controller. Do you know an air traffic controller? Nope- didn’t think so.

I do.

I scribbled a few notes early in the weekend about some of the bands which I’ll relay to you now:
Power: From what little I saw was unimaginative power punk. Pretty crap.
Pearls: Only saw a couple of songs. Bit like My bloody Valentine meets Julee cruise.
Briggs: Amazing good hip hop. Highlight so far. Great band. Look it up.

As far as the rest of it goes….. Shellac was louder than I expected. Unknown Mortal Orchestra were as awesome as I expected. Both Jessica Pratt and Julia Holter were a great way to recover from the night before. Moon Duo rocked. Like I said up there, Briggs was great. Goat. Holy shit- Goat were awesome.

Father John Misty.

What in the world of fuck do people see in this band? It is the most naval gazing boring insipid excuse for entertainment I have ever seen. Just bloody awful.

I actually don’t remember Ratatat but am assured I was there and that I loved it.

Jess Ribeiro was great on Sunday morning too.

Bloody fantastic weekend, but if I go next year, I’m going Straight Edge.

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went to this 8 years ago